São Carlos

Workshop on Quantum Gases, Fluids and Solids

August 14 - 17, 2014

IFSC/USP, São Carlos

IFSC São Carlos

About the event


The QGFS will take place at IFSC - Universidade de São Paulo, located in São Carlos, Brazil. São Carlos is a small town with a pleasant weather and sunny days, in August. The university campus and facilities offer excellent environment for scientific discussions. There are very good options to enjoy eco tourism nearby. Topics included Quantum Turbulence, Quantum Fluids, Quantum Solids, Quantum Gases, Low dimensional systems, Topological phenomena, and related fields



Alex de Bernardini (BR)
Alexander Fetter (US)
Amir Caldeira (BR)
Andrei Golov (GB)
Andrew Baggaley (GB)
Angela White (GB)
Arnaldo Gammal (BR)
Axel Pelster (DE)
Barnali Chakrabarti (IN)
Carlo Barenghi (GB)
Carlos Sá de Melo (US)
Eleonora Lucioni (IT)
Hayder Salman (GB)
Jason Laurie (IL)
John Beamish (CA)
Joy Allen (GB)
Kevin Schmidt (US)
Lauro Tomio (BR)
Makoto Tsubota (JP)
Maurice de Koning (BR)
Rico Pires (DE)
Robert Hallock (US)
Sebastian Will (US)
Sébastien Balibar (FR)
Sérgio R. Muniz (BR)
Stefan Ulm (DE)
Victor Romero-Rochín (MX)
Vycheslav Yukalov (RU)
Waseem Bakr (US)


Abstracts & Manuscripts

The abstracts submitted to be considered for oral/poster presentation should be uploaded by June, 30th. The manuscripts for the accepted abstracts may by sent by August, the 14th, and they will be included in an special issue of the Journal of Low Temperature Physics, free of charge.


The invited speakers and their accompanying persons will be picked up (and delivered back) at the Guarulhos International airport (GRU). All accepted attendees will have the ground expenses covered if he(she) takes our pre-selected lodging and daily meals in Sao Carlos, during the workshop days. Air tickets may be requested and eventually covered, after one-to-one analysis by the committee.


Graduate students are also welcomed, as regular attendees, and for them we will present two tutorial night sessions (crash course style) by the end of the first day, please have a look at the program. Poster presentation is required and manuscript submission is encouraged.

São Carlos


São Carlos is a city of 226.322 inhabitants. It is located at about 235 km (146 miles) from São Paulo city. The climate is tropical and by August, the minimum average of temperature is 16°C (60.8 F) and the maximum is 28°C (82.4 F)

The São Carlos Institute of Physics (Instituto de Física de São Carlos) is a dynamic interdisciplinary research center located in the heart of the State of São Paulo. With access to excellent research funding, the Institute coordinates several Brazilian research networks in diverse fields, such as optics and photonics, structural biology, ceramic materials, nanobiotechnology, scientific computing and organic electronics.



Dear QGFS attendees,

We thank you for your attendance to our workshop and for the good feedback provided. Here it follows the updated information needed to prepare and submit the manuscripts to be considered for publication in the special issue of the JLTP. The deadline is set to: September, 10th 2014, following the instructions below:

A) The manuscripts should be submitted using the attached templates.

The templates show examples of figures meeting the journal standards. Color figures will appear in color on the JLTP "online" at no charge.

Authors should end the caption for each figure in color by: (color figure online) However the figures will be printed black/white on the JLTP "hard copy" issue. Upon request by the authors, colored figures can also be printed in color on the "hard copy", but at extra cost to the authors.

B) The manuscript corresponding author(s) shall e-mail Prof. Silvio Vitiello at:
a) The pdf version of the manuscript;
b) The names of 4 or 5 suitable referees together with their current e-mail addresses.

C) The length of the papers should be kept to a maximum of 8 pages for contributed oral- and poster presentations and to 13 pages for invited and plenary oral presentations. The format of the pages is that of the template.

D) Manuscripts shall be submitted online following the instructions given on the website The corresponding author should connect directly to the site and upload all of his manuscript files by following the instructions given on the screen.

E) The author is required to insert in the box ”Please Enter Comments” the mention: “Article belongs to Special issue QGFS2014".This mention of QFS2014 is very important

F) Once the article has been accepted for publication, the corresponding author will receive a message from Springer with questions regarding the transfer of copyright and the ordering of reprints which can be responded to by simple clicking. Once this is completed, the corresponding author will receive proofs to examine and correct. After the final proof correction by the printer, the article will appear as “online first” in the JLTP - Springer webpage

Once all the accepted articles have appeared “online first”, the Conference Organizers will arrange them in the correct order for publication in the “special issue” of JLTP in early 2015, as will appear on the JLTP webpage:

Should you find any difficulty preparing your manuscript, please, first check the J. of Low Temperature Physics web site, and if the problem persists contact us by emailing Silvio Vitiello at: (Subject: QGFS Information request).

Local Organizing committee

Organizing Committee


Daniel V. Magalhães
Gustavo D. Telles
Kilvia M. Farias
Marios Tsatsos
Mônica A. Caracanhas
Sérgio R. Muniz
Silvio A. Vitiello
Vanderlei S. Bagnato
Emanuel A. L. Henn


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